About Me

Since I was able to climb onto a boat, I’ve been enjoying the world of boating. I grew up in northern Metro-Detroit enjoying Lake St. Clair and all it has to offer. From powerboats to sailboats, from ice hockey to ice boating, I have always loved the water. Growing up, my dad sailed on multihull sailboats and took me along as often as he could. By the time I got to college, I was doing any race I could with my dad, learning everything I could from him. During community college, I did a Port Huron to Mackinac Race, two Chicago to Mackinac Races and a somewhat tragic Windsor Overnight Race on Lake St. Clair. The connection I developed and still have with my dad while doing all of these races left me feeling a little empty inside when I transferred to Michigan Tech in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Michigan Tech is in the small town of Houghton, across the Portage Canal from the second snowiest town in the United States, snowier than even Anchorage, Alaska. It was a great, surprise when I learned that the school actually had a sailing team! Even though on a canal of Lake Superior the season is rather short, we traveled down to the other Midwest schools for regattas and created memories that I will never forget. However, despite all of these great memories, all chapters in the book of life eventually come to an end. This chapter ended when I graduated.

Or so I thought…

I am now living in an up and coming part of town with a great selection of bars and breweries and only 20 minutes from the sailing club where I keep my boat. To help fund the expenses of owning a boat, I read every article I can find on personal finance and implement as many tips as I can. The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences in the post-college sailing world, and how I’m able to pay off my student loans and still afford my own boat and dry docking fees. I will be sharing personal finance tips that I’ve learned, things to look for and avoid as you look for your first boat, and how to be a boat owner as a young millennial, despite your student loans.